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November 18, 2009

Just a note to let you know that I no longer blog from this folder on the site, I am now blogging from the main index page and the RSS feed has changed:

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Blue Screen of Death tees

September 8, 2008

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a nerd when it comes to all things geeky. Ever since owning the first Commodore computers I've had that streak of nerdity in my veins. There seems to be a renaissance of retro design shirts making their way back in to fashion again. Even stronger in local market stalls. Here is some inventive and funny takes for poor old Windows users, wear with pride.

Error wear, what a great name for geek wear! Where is the mac stuff?

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Henry Selick is back, with Neil Gaiman's Coraline

September 5, 2008

Henry Selick, the stop motion animation director that made it big with Nightmare before Christmas, is heading back to the big screen with a new film - Neil Gaiman's Coraline!

Exclusive Sneak Peak is available with Rotten Tomato.

Making of on Rotten Tomatoes.

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September 3, 2008

I'm usually one of the early adopters of Apple product, but the release of the iPhone in Australia recently didn't encourage me to make that jump. Firstly, the telecom companies who were authorised to sell the phone with their packages are some of the worst in the country. They each have appalling customer service and no doubt will be digging their graves deeper by burning the new adopters of this phone with their mis-management.

I have instead been considering to buy an iPod Touch instead, it has all the same features bar the phone calling and camera. Given that my Nokia E65 is working quite well and has a builtin broadband modem, I can use it to connect to the net with the use of Bluetooth in the iPod and Macbook.

Here's an interesting take on someone converting back to their old trusty.

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How to Hook Up Your Home Theater with the Goof

September 1, 2008

It was first released with Disney's Enchanted theatrical release, but How to Hook Up Your Home Theater with the Goof is a positive return to traditional animation. And with some of the industry legends animating the short!

Here is a great interview with Andreas Deja and Mark Henn who were animators on the short film. Animation World Network has a great interview and article on the making as well here.

And the retro styled Disney Animation website has a short clip from the film.

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Winners of the AWGIE Awards, Melbourne 2008

August 19, 2008

Attended the Australian Writers' Guild (Screenwriters) awards night at the Regal Theatre in Melbourne on the 15th August. I think it's fair enough to rename the event the McLeodie Awards instead:

Monte Miller Award - Long Form
For un-produced script over 30 minutes written by an Associate member
The Insect King by Priscilla Cameron

(ed. Interestingly, Priscilla Cameron wasn't able to attend and the award was collected on her behalf by the Producer of The Insect King.)

Monte Miller Award - Short Form
For un-produced script under 30 minutes written by an Associate member
Running by Rebecca Glenn

Interactive Media
Who Iced Otzi?: The Story of the Iceman by Caleb Lewis

Music Theatre
Everything's F***ed by Sean Peter

Theatre for Young Audiences
Stories in the Dark by Debra Oswald

Community and Youth Theatre
Royal Affair by Michael Costello

Beyond the Neck by Tom Holloway

Radio Adaptation
Fragments of Hong Kong by Katherine Thomson

Comedy (Situation or Narrative)
Death Wish, Chandon Pictures by Rob Carlton

Comedy (Sketch or Light Entertainment)
Newstopia, Episode 8, Series One by Michael Ward with Richard Marsland, Gary McCaffrie and Shaun Micallef

Children's Television (C Classification)
Man Bites Dog, Dogstar by Doug MacLeod

Documentary (Public Broadcast)
The Fibros and the Silvertails by Paul Oliver

Telemovie Original
The Informant by Greg Haddrick

Television Mini Series Adaptation
Underbelly by Peter Gawler, Greg Haddrick and Felicity Packard

Television Mini Series Original
East West 101 by Kristen Dunphy, Michael Miller, Kris Mrksa, Michelle Offen and Kris Wyld

Television Series
Against the Wall Part Two, Episode 417, All Saints by Sean Nash

Television Serial
Home & Away, Episode 4498 by Margaret Wilson

Short Film
Hugo by Rachel Bowen

Feature Film Adaptation
Disgrace by Anna-Maria Monticelli

Feature Film Original
The Black Balloon by Elissa Down and Jimmy the Exploder

Richard Lane Award for Service and Dedication to the Australian Writers' Guild
Mark Poole

Fred Parsons Award for Contribution to Australian Comedy
Doug MacLeod

Dorothy Crawford Award Recognising Outstanding Contribution to the Profession of Scriptwriting
Liz Jones

Major AWGIE Award and Copyright Agency Limited Peer Recognition Prize
Underbelly by Peter Gawler, Greg Haddrick and Felicity Packard

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